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The Braves

Rock 'n' roll and occultism has always had a romantic relationship. The Braves adore the darker, more mysterious side of music and 'Black Mass' the first single from their latest album 'All Through Paradise' captures this relationship almost physically, each note and melody planting little sickly seeds at the base of your spine.

For the uninitiated The Braves arn't just some one night stand.

They've gained notoriety gigging every corner of Melbourne, from the art scene to the pub scene and everywhere in between, even earning a spot on 3PBS's Top 12 Bands of 2014.

Strip back the layers and you reveal 3 self produced records.

South Paw (LP) 2014, Suspiria (single) 2015 and the Contra Tortura (Ep) 2015.

The new album 'All Through Paradise' solidifies the raw sound of The Braves live show and harbours all the intricacies, somehow reigning in the delicacies that can be found within the bold arrangements and aggressive quality of the music.

What drags itself out of the wreckage is a sentiment that sticks and an ode to the daring, sparing no thought for faint of heart, the throwing all caution to the wind. This is for the manics putting pure panic in the pulse, for the desperately measured, the youth disillusioned but mostly for the beautiful fuckers who keep coming back for more.

If you feel a burning desire to blast the cobwebs from your poor, tired old skull then a thunderous dose of The Braves is likely to be the medicine you've been waiting for. Featuring the speaker-destroying talents of Ethan "John Duke" Lerversha (drums), Djesse Bolte (bass) and Kelly Watson (guitar), this adrenaline-fuelled trio will cheerfully blow off your roof, bust your speakers and mess with your mind.
~ Beat Magazine, June 2016


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