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Belle Phoenix & the Subterranean Sea

After way too long Belle Phoenix finally steps out of the shadows and exposes, ‘The Glorious Dead’. We're really pleased to be able to be able to bring this record to Australia via our friends Beast Records This is her long anticipated album that’s taken snapshots of her journey from Australia via New York and UK to a Finland resident exploring her next challenge. Belle’s forte is collecting musicians and spring boarding her honest songwriting with a chosen few band members that weave their influences into time using themes inspired by an investigation into the stories of war, politics, dead-end jobs, failed relationships, and clairvoyant dreams. The final sessions for ‘The Glorious Dead’ were recorded in various studios around Melbourne including McCubbin’s Far Canal, Hothouse and Melodic Studios with additional musicians Julitha Ryan (cello), Lethesflood WI (violin), Jeff Samin (bass) and Joseph Dwyer.

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Belle Phoenix & the
Subterranean Sea 

'The Glorious Dead'
Black or Red Vinyl

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