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27th September 2016 - Things are ramping up for a big end to the year with 3 albums about to drop. Harry Howard and the NDE 'Sleepless Girls' Sun God Replica 'Grandular Fever' both out in a few days now and The Braves 'All Through Paradise' out November. Check out our gigs page for current tour information

15th Dec 2015 - It's almost the end of the year and we've got some cracking albums on the go for release in 2016. First up the brand new one from Sun God Replica is almost finished. And it's a cracker. We're also working on albums from Harry Howard and the NDE, and The Braves. Look out.

7th Feb 2015 - Shifting Sands new album Beach Coma is out on Bandcamp and 100 Gold Vinyl copies are on their way from France.

15th August 2014 - Sun God Replica have just recorded a new song at the awesome St Charles Studios, Northcote for VeriLive. The track 'Pleased to Meet You' will be out as a split 7inch w/ Tumbleweed Jan 20. 2015

7th March 2014 - Finally the new Sun God Replica album "The Devil and the Deep" is out today. That means it's out on limited edition vinyl. 100 Blue / 200 Black. there's about 40 Blue left so get on it here.

23rd October 2013 - The latest from Harry Howard and the Near Death Experience "Pretty" is out now. So Buy it NOW.

29th August 2013 - It's official. The new Sun God Replica album has been crowd funded for pressing with the help of the fantastic Pozible site. That means it will be coming out on limited edition vinyl. 100 Blue / 200 Black.

14th August 2013 - The new Sun God Replica album 'Devil and the Deep' is almost ready. They've got a single out now. Want a listen? head to bandcamp.com.

26th July 2013 - Twenty Seven Winters start their 1st European tour tonight.

3rd May 2013 - Twenty Seven Winters have their first 7 inch single out on limited edition orange vinyl, get it while it's still around. Head to their website here.

30 January 2013 - The second album from Tex Napalm (Germany) and Dimi Dero is coming out on Spooky on Feb 1st. It's called "Partly Animals" To celebrate we're really excited to have them touring Melbourne. And they're doing lots of shows as well.

9th April 2012 - We're pretty excited that The Toot Toot Toots album can now be ordered here.

8th March 2012 - We're pretty excited that The Toot Toot Toots album has gone to press (vinyl included) and will be back in a matter of weeks. They've got a great run of shows around the country so a chance to see them should be pretty easy but in the meantime you can check out some new tunes at their Bandcamp page

24th February 2012 - We're getting great feedback from Harry Howard and the NDE album. It makes for an exciting start to the year.

We've now got some 12inch Vinyl up on the site (after too long) check it out. Sorry for all you guys OS on the price but postage to you is so expensive. But Hey, this is real collectable stuff so add it to your collection anyway.

3rd February 2012 - It's going to be a big start to the year with two great releases coming out. First up Harry Howard and the NDE "Near Death Experience" You might remember Harry from These Immortal Souls where he played along side his brother Rowland S. Howard and with his cracking new band feat Edwina Preston (Moll Flanders Band),Dave Graney and Clare Moore (Moodists / Lurid Yellow Mist). Near Death Experience is in stores March 1st with a launch on March 3rd at The Tote.

Plus we've signed Melbourne's The Toot Toot Toots new record 'Outlaw'. A crazy mix of spaghetti western, mariachi, shredding guitar and two singers that sit at the opposite ends of the spectrum .

18th February 2011. Two Great albums out this month. Gentle Ben & his Sensitive Side "Magnetic Island" and Buried Horses "Tempest"

18th November 2010. With a brand new album from the Bakelite Age "Flytrap" under their belts they are about to descend on the Tote this Friday 26th November for their album launch w/ Money For Rope and Buried Horses. Buy a copy of the album here.

17th November 2010. After working with Buried Horses in the studio we decided that their latest album Tempest was to good to refuse. It's going to be out in February.

16th November 2010. Gentle Ben has a new record out early Feb called Magnetic Island, Here's one of my favourite tracks called Blur the Lines.

6th November 2010. We have added a couple of new items to the mailorder catalogue. New 7inch single from SixFtHick "Bitemarks / Glue in Your Locks" avaliable here and a brand new album from the Bakelite Age "Flytrap" grap a copy here.

26th October 2010 - Brian Henry Hooper has his brand new album "Trouble" about to hit the stores. With an extensive degree in the world of rock Brian Henry Hooper unleashes his latest album Trouble. He has chosen wisely the cream of the crop to surround him and cover his back for his 3rd outing. On board and steady at the helm, Mick Harvey (of the Bad Seeds) who produced the record and played all through the album. Long time first mate Steve Boyle going hammer and tongs on the piano, and Brian's steady crew keeping the good ship afloat. Buy it here now.

24th March 2010 - Any second now Brian Henry Hooper (Beasts of Bourbon, The Surrealists) will ink with us his new record produced by Mick Harvey (Bad Seeds, and other stuff) It's a Killer but not in the realm that you're thinking.

17th March 2010 - Digger & the Pussycats have a new album out called DIY, these guys have toured the European garage rock scene more time they can remember and still hit hard.

23rd September - We're pleased to announce that The Stabs have inked with us to release their second album Dead Wood on October 9th.

15th June 09 - Exciting Times at Spooky Manor. Ah, The Bakelite Age, the album Shoot the Messenger is gaining ground. So we look forward to the launch at The (famous) Tote this Friday 19th with SPJ and Sailors & Swine. We're getting great feedback from the media so expect a few reviews in the next coming weeks but make up your own mind. Go have a listen to the new tunes and then head to the Tote. The Bakers have been shooting a clip in a farm shed out the back of Sunbury all weekend and hell it's going to look good. 3 day's Crawlin' Round the Cellar. We'll be selling the album on the night for a pissy $15 and only $10 to get in.

In other news Sailors & Swine have finished the follow up to their album "All Hail The Drunken Liar." It's gonna be a 7 inch release and will be out around early September and sounds awesome.

Gentle Ben and his Sensitive Side hit the studio next weekend with Dave McCormack to start work on the new one. (about fuckin time, and more news on this as it comes to hand). And then there is one more announcement I'd like to make but I can't. I'll have to wait a week or so on this but will be a beauty. That's it.

29th May 09 - The Bakelite Age, have the new album "Shoot the Messenger" in their hot little hands, it's out June 1 and they kick off a national tour at the Tote on 19th June supported by SPJ and Sailors & Swine. Interstate shows will kick off late August but in the meantime we've got the album here.

11th May 09 - I've added a few new clips to our You Tube page, not sure why The Stabs made it in there, I just like it and a classic from The Bakelite Age not to mention classics from SixFtHick, Spencer P. Jones, Gentle Ben & his Sensitive Side.

30th March 09 - The Bakelite Age have finished their new album "Shoot the Messanger" and we'll be putting a single to radio in the coming weeks, Sailors and Swine return to the studio Easter to record a new single as well.

3rd Dec 08 - We have a brand new 7inch in our hot hands, this time new tunes from Six Ft Hick & Gentle Ben, buy one here.

5th Nov 08 - Kretch have released their debut 'Downfall' and it's in shops now.

23rd Sept 08 - Hugo Race and True Spirit album is out 1st Oct.

21st September 08 - It's been a long time coming but we've just released our first ever vinyl single for Gentle Ben and his Sensitive Side, it has 2 never released tracks - Bird in a Bottle and 5am. It's a limited pressing of only 150 hand numbered copies and is selling fast (at the reasonable price of A$12 including P & P) so click here to order your copy now. We're planning to do a lot more of these in the future.

8th August 08 - Been digging around YouTube to find all the clips that have been made for songs on Spooky.

21st July 08 The site now has iTunes.

18th July 08 - The Sailors & Swine album is getting an awesome response. We've also got The Wallbangers EP pressed (you can buy both now here).

9th June 08 - Lots of stuff has been going on at Spooky central, we've signed new Melbourne band Sailors & Swine, the first single The Boiling Sea is up on our myspace and the boys will be heading off on a national tour mid July with the just completed album All Hail The Drunken Liar. check em out.

We also will be releasing a EP / Digipak from The Wallbangers it features Mick Harvey (Bad Seeds) and Tex Perkins (Beasts of Bourbon) will be out August.

Also in August Hugo Race and True Spirit will release the new album, 53rd State.

6th Feb 08 - Digger & the Pussycats are heading back to Europe for a 40 date plus tour but before the go they'll be releasing their hotly anticipated new slab "Lets Go To Hospital" with a quick round of some of their favorite Australian venues, and who knows when they'll be back, Andy's planning to kick back in Europe for a time and hang out in Berlin so you better come along to one of these shows as it's gonna be a long time between drinks!

30th Dec 07 - All our T-Shirt sizes are back in stock, head to our t-shirt page

29 Nov 07 - Tri-State Lovers album "No Love" is out, catch their last ever show is at the Tote on the 1st of December with Digger & the Pussycats, Ooga Booga's, Jacky Winter and a free BBQ. Doors at 8.30

31Oct 07 - The Bakelite Age album launch for "Return of the Magical Molerat" is this Sat Night 3rd Nov at The Tote in Melbourne with special guests The Pink Fits, Sailors and Swine and Stomp Box.

15th Oct 07 - SixFtHick are about to hit Europe for the second time next week and then return to Australia for a run of shows.

9th Oct 07 - Tri State Lover's album will be out mid November. More info will be coming soon.

1st Oct 07 - The Bakelite Age new album "Return of the Magical Molerat" It will be in Australian record stores at the start of October. Buy it here .... enjoy.

Digger & the Pussycats are headed USA bound.

We've also just signed two new bands from Melbourne, Tri-State Lovers and The Bakelite Age, we'll have more details and tracks to hear in the next week or so.

Plus SixFtHick have finished their new record On The Rocks and will be touring Europe in October, stay tune for dates.

We now have the long awaited debut album from King Daddy 'Evil Love' - 14 tracks of swamp fueled rock and roll and we're selling it from the site. Buy it here.

We've just had our copies "Fugitive Songs" delivered early so its out now, well at least on this website!

The latest offering from Spencer P. Jones feat the Escape Committee: you can buy it here.

Hugo Race and True Spirit have a new one "Taoist Priests" out now, you can buy it here.

Well the new album Spencer P. Jones and the Escape Committee has been recorded and Hell we're excited to be putting it out soon, also Hugo Race and True Spirit have a new one "Taoist Priests" out soon, and Digger and the Pussycats will be back in the studio soon for their follow-up to "Watch Your Back' Stay tuned for more exciting stuff from us this year, we've been working hard over the summer break.

We've been back in the studio with Spencer P. Jones working on a new Escape Committee record, expect it out in March.

We've now got Spooky Records T-Shirts available. It will cost you A$25 and we'll post it anywhere in the world.

The brand new record from Spencer P. Jones is available now and in Australian Record stores soon, you can get it now here ... why wait ......

It's been a long time coming (3 years in fact) but we've got the new Spencer P. Jones album coming out in Australia on August 7th. 'Immolation and Amelioration 1995-2005' is a fantastic journey of music from songs that at times never got finished or have been recently recorded in the last 3 years and all been worked on and remixed with additional musicians in recent months. The album features line-ups as The Last Gasp, Cow Penalty, The Escape Committee, Mudhoney, The Beeks plus more.... A Killer record from a killer songwriter.

Spooky Records + Door Bitch present a FREE-four-day-rawk-and-or-roll-winter-warmer at Ric's Bar Brisbane.

Yes, All Hell is breaking loose at Spooky central at the moment, we have SixFtHick on the road touring their awesome Double CD Cane Trash /Train Crash but we welcome ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK family .............. Look Out, and check 'em out .... THE DRUMMER PLAYS NAKED WITH ONLY A SOCK ON HIS COCK!!!!!!!!

The brand new record from SixFtHick - Cane Trash, plus for a limited time only you get the bonus live disc Train Crash recorded live at the Tote. Can't go wrong.

Look out folks, this year we're spreading our bat wings interstate with Brisvegas crazys Six Ft Hick and their new album Cane Trash hitting the stores Monday 20th March, plus quickly followed by Adelaide's finest garage trash King Daddy with their album Evil Love and a new album (as yet untitled) from the Legendary Mr Spencer P Jones. Yes all this by the start of May so fuk knows what the rest of the year will bring ................... we reckon it's already gonna be a killer.

Digger and the Pussycats have one last show in Australia (Melbourne) before they head back to Europe.

We're pleased to announce you can now use PayPal to purchase our catalogue online

The Devastations have just signed a deal with Brassland to release their debut s/t LP. Originally released in Australia on Spooky in May 2003, then licensed to Munster in Europe last year, it will hit the shelves in the US early next year.

Gentle Ben and His Sensitive Side 'The Sober Light of Day' in stores Monday Oct 10th.

Gentle Ben and His Sensitive Side return to a bunch of show's through BrisVegas, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart to launch the first single "The Dogs of Valparaiso" from their new album.

Beasts of Bourbon we'll what more can I say, it will be out 1st August.

Digger and the Pussycats 'Watch Yr Back' has been picked up on 2 Melbourne radio stations as 'Album of the week' and the great reviews keep coming. They also have a new single out on Germany's P.Trash label called "Card Shark Annie".

Gentle Ben and His Sensitive Side return to the studio  in a couple of weeks to record their follow up album to 'The Beginning of the End' for Spooky Records.

Spencer P. Jones and the Escape Committee head to Europe alongside The Blacklist with Digger and the Pussycats hot on their heels, Europe is certainly gonna see a lot of the Spooky Records roster up their this Spring.

Digger and the Pussycats new album "Watch Yr. Back" will be in-stores early March, look out for the first single from the album "Fashion Victim" will be out at the start of February.

The Blacklist have made a awesome film clip for Electric & Evil, should be on the box sometime in the new year.

The Blacklist will be touring Europe late April thru May 2004.

Digger and the Pussycats have a their album 'Young Tight and Alright' being released on Little Teddy Recordings in Germany plus a brand new 7inch ... 'Thanks a Lot' / 'Sergi' on P.Trash Records

Also from Germany The Blacklist are getting some awesome reviews both in Australia and Europe.

The Devastations are returning to Europe.

The Double Agents will be heading to Europe mid October so we'll be announcing details of their shows shortly, in the meantime for you Melbourne folk it's time to wish them farewell at a huge show at the Tote.

Digger and the Pussycats are back from Europe with a swag of new reviews, interviews & live reviews.

The Devastations have returned form Europe.

Look out for Gentle Bens debut film clip "The Beginning of the End" should be on Rage and Channel V in the next week or so.

Spooky sign The Blacklist - their album Electric & Evil is out September.

Digger & the Pussycats start their European Tour. Digger & the Pussycats have just released their first 7 inch single thanks to Australian Records.

The Devastations have just kicked off on a new European tour.

Gentle Ben and His Sensitive Side brand new single "The Beginning of the End".

Jape Squad brand new single "Heathers Head".

Spooky Sign Gentle Ben and His Sensitive Side their album 'Beginning of the End' out 4th April (more info).

Digger & the Pussycats to tour Europe from early May to mid July 2004.

Spooky Records are pleased to announce the signing of the Jape Squad, Look out, you're about to be Japed! Album out April 19th.

The Devastations will releasing their album in Europe on March 1st on Munster Records.

Spencers latest album 'Fait accompli' soon to be released on vinyl thanks to Australian Records.