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Garry Gray & Ed Clayton-Jones

The crew arrives. Garry Gray, Melbourne alternative scene pioneer, lead singer, songwriter from the legendary Sacred Cowboys with Ed Clayton - Jones, guitar slinger, composer from The Wreckery, with their first collaboration, the We Mainline Dreamers album, out now on Spooky Records - first edition on 150 gram aquamarine vinyl. More colours and online later.
The recording. We Mainline Dreamers is an album written and performed by Garry Gray and Ed Clayton-Jones, released through Spooky Records and mixed by DB and Loki Lockwood. We Mainline dreamers navigates genres. It is Art Rock, Experimental Rock, Dream Pop, Indie Rock and Shoegaze - – It’s a bona fide classic.
The ride. Across the oceans of time they set sail, in a ragged ship all torn and faded. A skeleton crew attached and a destination unknown - thus began the story of We Mainline Dreamers - the sun was setting but there was a drumming through the jungle that two old sea dogs had met in a bar in Cancun, after thirty years out of touch these men thought there was nothing for it but to build a new ship and sail it out into the uncertain waters, one more cruise to the sirens rocks, to a vortex erasing time and space, the place of certain madness and rabid desires, the Atlantis of 1960’s TV horror and perennial loss. 


Limited Aqua and Black Vinyl



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