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“ this is a truly remarkable piece of work,  Bravo! Great album!” 
-  Matt Gleeson - Burning Vinyl - 3CR Melbourne

Velatine is a project I've been exploring for years, and here it is. It's now a real / almost breathing thing. So now I've got to feed the damn thing or it 'll die. I'm a live and studio engineer / producer from Melbourne and I've run the underground label Spooky Records for 21 years. This always has been my path, I’m programmed to this. I did the band scene, I loved it. I played alongside some legends and people that would become them. I played in the bands Blackburn, Orchestra of Skin and Bone [Ollie Olsen], Practical Folk Music [Julius Oyster] and God, Guns and Guts [Paul Conroy, Troy Norfolk] amongst others. There was also a stint with Scourge early 2000. I played in bands constantly from early 80’s - 90's and along the way started an obsession with sound. I’ve made some unreal records with incredible people. The Drones, Spencer P. Jones, SixFtHick, Stabs and a lot of  other great bands. It’s quite a list. And I’m still doing it. This industry and people are amazing and  so is their passion. Velatine comes from my love of creating electronic music. My on, off binges stretch back to music school and experimenting with early synthesis then, on through raw early sampling and tape machines to 2020 and mind numbing limitless options of current virtual technology. This is just the beginning. It’ll probably end when I’m dead because it’s just too much fucking fun. Loki Lockwood


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